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Toys & Games Accessories

Handmade Toys & Games Accessories Deals and Offers on Amazon via CommissionKart

Welcome to CommissionKart, your ultimate destination for charming handmade toys and games accessories available through Amazon in Canada. Delight your little ones and spark their imagination with our curated selection of handcrafted treasures, ranging from whimsical toys and puzzles to educational games and accessories. Each item is lovingly made by skilled artisans, ensuring that every playtime is filled with joy, creativity, and laughter. Explore our collection today and discover exclusive deals and cashback rewards with every purchase through CommissionKart.

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Ignite Creativity with Handcrafted Playtime

At CommissionKart, we believe that playtime should be both fun and enriching, which is why we’ve assembled a diverse range of handmade toys and games accessories that inspire creativity and exploration. From cuddly stuffed animals and wooden blocks to interactive puzzles and sensory toys, our collection offers something for every age and interest. Watch as your children immerse themselves in imaginative play and discover new worlds with our carefully crafted treasures. With CommissionKart, you can nurture their curiosity and foster a love for learning through the power of handmade play.



Plush Toys

Hand-stitched plush animals and dolls.

Wooden Toys

Hand-carved wooden blocks, puzzles, and toys.

Educational Games

Interactive games and activities for learning.

Sensory Toys

Textured and tactile toys for sensory exploration.

Support Artisanal Craftsmanship While Having Fun

When you shop for handmade toys and games accessories through CommissionKart, you’re not just purchasing products – you’re supporting independent artisans and creators who pour their passion and talent into every creation. Each item in our collection is a testament to the skill and dedication of the artisans who made them, ensuring that your purchase has a positive impact on their livelihoods. Join us in celebrating the art of handmade craftsmanship while providing your children with high-quality toys and games that bring joy and entertainment. With CommissionKart, you can make playtime meaningful and support Canadian artisans at the same time. Elevate playtime with handmade toys and games accessories from CommissionKart. Shop now and discover charming treasures that ignite imagination and inspire creativity, all while enjoying exclusive deals and cashback rewards.


Yes, indeed! Every time you shop for handmade toys and accessories on Amazon through CommissionKart, you’ll earn cashback rewards on your purchases.
Absolutely. We ensure that all handmade toys and accessories featured on our platform meet safety standards and are suitable for children of appropriate age groups.
Typically, cashback rewards are credited to your account within a few days after your purchase is confirmed by Amazon.
No, there’s no minimum purchase requirement. You’ll earn cashback rewards on all eligible purchases made through CommissionKart.
Cashback rewards earned through CommissionKart can be used for purchases on our platform or transferred to your bank account. Unfortunately, they cannot be redeemed on other platforms.
Yes, a nominal transfer fee of up to 2% may apply for withdrawals, along with a minimum withdrawal threshold.
Absolutely. You can easily track your cashback earnings and transaction history by logging into your CommissionKart account.
Generally, most handmade toys and accessories available on Amazon are eligible for cashback rewards through CommissionKart. However, there may be occasional exclusions or restrictions.
All eligible products will be clearly marked as such on our platform. Look for the “Earn Cashback” label next to the product listing.
In most cases, yes, you can stack cashback rewards earned through CommissionKart with other discounts or promotions offered by Amazon. However, please check the terms and conditions of each offer for any restrictions.
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