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Baby Products & Accessories

Handmade Baby Products & Accessories Deals and Offers on Amazon via CommissionKart

Welcome to CommissionKart, your trusted destination for adorable handmade baby products and accessories available through Amazon in Canada. We understand the importance of providing your little ones with the best, which is why we’ve curated a delightful collection of handcrafted items that are as unique as they are practical. From cozy blankets and cute clothing to whimsical toys and nursery decor, our selection has everything you need to create a nurturing environment for your precious bundle of joy. Explore our offerings today and enjoy exclusive deals and cashback rewards with every purchase through CommissionKart.

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Discover Unique Treasures for Your Little Ones

At CommissionKart, we believe that every baby deserves to be showered with love and attention, and what better way to do that than with handmade products made with care and dedication? Our collection features a diverse range of items crafted by talented artisans, ensuring that each piece is imbued with charm and character. Whether you’re searching for the perfect baby shower gift or looking to add a touch of handmade warmth to your little one’s nursery, you’ll find an array of treasures waiting to be discovered. Shop with confidence knowing that every purchase supports independent artists and creators while bringing joy to your family.



Baby Clothing

Onesies, rompers, dresses, and more.

Blankets & Swaddles

Soft blankets, muslin swaddles, and quilts.

Toys & Rattles

Handcrafted toys, rattles, and plush animals.

Nursery Decor

Wall art, mobiles, crib bedding, and decor accessories.

Create Cherished Memories with Handmade Elegance

Elevate your baby’s everyday essentials with handmade products that exude charm and elegance. From soft and snuggly blankets that provide comfort during naptime to stylish clothing that keeps your little one looking adorable, our collection offers a variety of options to suit your baby’s needs and your personal style. Let each handmade item become a cherished keepsake, representing the love and care you pour into your baby’s upbringing. With CommissionKart, you can create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime, all while enjoying fantastic deals and cashback rewards on your purchases. Elevate your baby’s world with handmade products and accessories from CommissionKart. Shop now and discover unique treasures that add charm and elegance to your little one’s life, all while enjoying exclusive deals and cashback rewards.


Absolutely! Every time you shop for handmade baby products and accessories on Amazon through CommissionKart, you’ll earn cashback rewards on your purchases.
Yes, indeed. We ensure that all handmade baby products and accessories featured on our platform meet safety standards and are suitable for use with infants and toddlers.

Typically, cashback rewards are credited to your account within a few days after your purchase is confirmed by Amazon.

No, there’s no minimum purchase requirement. You’ll earn cashback rewards on all eligible purchases made through CommissionKart.
Cashback rewards earned through CommissionKart can be used for purchases on our platform or transferred to your bank account. Unfortunately, they cannot be redeemed on other platforms.
Yes, a nominal transfer fee of up to 2% may apply for withdrawals, along with a minimum withdrawal threshold.
Absolutely. You can easily track your cashback earnings and transaction history by logging into your CommissionKart account.
Generally, most handmade baby products and accessories available on Amazon are eligible for cashback rewards through CommissionKart. However, there may be occasional exclusions or restrictions.
All eligible products will be clearly marked as such on our platform. Look for the “Earn Cashback” label next to the product listing.
In most cases, yes, you can stack cashback rewards earned through CommissionKart with other discounts or promotions offered by Amazon. However, please check the terms and conditions of each offer for any restrictions.
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