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  • 【Length that Meets Your Needs】: The total length of this fishing line is 1640 feet(500 meters), this length can meet a lot of your needs and is enough to last you a long time. fishing line is winded in the plastic roller to keep the fluorocarbon fishing line neat, and you can quickly find its starting position.
  • 【Sturdy & Wear-resisting】: Our fishing wire is made of 0.3 mm high-density nylon, it is thin but strong, Wear-resistant, and does not break easily. The fishing line has high tensile strength and load-bearing capacity, which can against fighting hard-charging game fish.
  • 【Smooth & Transparent】: The smoothness and consistent roundness of the fishing line make it backlashes free, to help the bait faster to reach the target water layer to catch the fish. The transparent fishing wire is practically invisible in indirect light or against a white background, it will not affect the appearance of decorations and crafts.
  • 【Easy to Tie Knots】: This fishing line is very easy to tie, the knot is superior to braid and fluoro in terms of knot strength, and will not come loose or break easily. It is the best choice not only for fishing but also for decorating rooms and making crafts.
  • 【Versatile Fish Wire】:The monofilament fishing line is very versatile. Besides fishing, it can also be used for various craft projects, beading, sewing, quilting, jewelry making, or outdoor and indoor hanging balloon, paper lanterns, and other decorations.

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